The Great American Pastime

It was the bottom of the third inning. McVey had just hit a single to follow Paces solo shot over the right field wall. The home team still needed two runs to even out the game as they entered into the fourth inning. The Texas sun beat down on me like the first time I played Mike Tysons punch out. I walked up to the plate and took a few practice swings and gazed over the right field fence. It seemed so close. But Texas Homegrown pitcher Clint Pace wasn’t having it. As my right elbow went up and the — Read More —

Coals. Wind. Fire. Brotherhood.

I learned a lot on the World Race. A lot of who God is, who I am, and how to live in community with others. One of my favorite things I got out of the race is brotherhood. What it looks like to live and grow in community with strong men of God. I learned how to love each other, by being loved. I learned how to serve others, by being served. I figured out that it’s okay to expose weaknesses because I learned how to be lifted up because my brothers pointed out my strengths. This morning I was — Read More —

Holy Ground.

“Have you ever stood a thousand miles from nothing, surrounded by the beauty of Gods grace. Have you ever said a thank you for the wonders, have you ever said a prayer for just one taste… So taste the rainbow that you see on a cloudy day. Then hear the amber waves, they call your name… Cause you stand on Holy ground, and your fears well they got washed away, do you hear the angels as they sing their praise, do you feel the presence of My face, cause I’m standing here, and I’m above this place… Oh I am — Read More —

Thirteen, and Changing the World.

The Road Trip so far… I am currently sitting looking over Lake Huron (inside of course, it’s 40 degrees). I can’t believe we’ve already been on the road 10 days and are going on our fourth 5k. If you haven’t heard already the Lord provided us with over 16 grand in Cincinnati toward our goal of 53 grand (by July 7th) for our project budget. When we arrived in Michigan God met us here as well, just in a smaller package that packed a really big punch. My teammate Kelli’s mother teaches 7th grade geography and has kept her class — Read More —

Feedback to the World.

I’ve had a tough past 12 hours. I want to apologize first for the lack of grace I’ve felt. Not toward Osama or terrorism. But toward many Christians. I apologize that I have been angry toward you and have desired nothing more than to overturn church pews and tell you to get out of my Fathers house. Feedback. Dear Christian People, Before you write anymore things on your facebook status please just think for a second. We are THE body of Christ. You specifically were created out of love to love. You were individually formed to be a unique representation — Read More —