The Rock and a Hard Place

If you were to tell me that I was going to go through a period of greater dependance on Him, I would probably tell you to take it back. Don’t speak that over me! Dependance on Him means not depending on myself, which means I am less, He is more and that to be honest, can suck. Or at least it has in the past as I can remember. I immediately relate it to hard seasons. To being stuck between a rock and a hard place. But if Jesus is our rock, what’s so hard about that… He’s hope, He’s — Read More —


For over 6 months I have been working on a project called the Kenya Initiative. With our team I have traveled across the United States speaking on behalf of a camp of Internally Displaced People. We worked day after day, month after month to raise money and awareness of the injustice that is going on in Kenya. We raised support for a project budget and our personal support budgets. We got shots that were expensive and quite uncomfortable. We missed weddings and family reunions. We left behind our friends and our families to fly half way around the world… .. — Read More —

Brussels Initiative… What?

Yesterday we arrived here for what we thought would be a two hour layover. But, due to a delay in Philadelphia we will be enjoying 3 days in Brussels! Our first day here was nice. Jet lag didn’t hold us back too bad. We spent the morning in the airport getting our flight figured out and then got on a train into the city to figure out living arrangements. I love trains! After a few hours of walking around and getting a feel for the city we found Van Gogh Youth Hostel just outside of the city centre. It was — Read More —