Silence of the Lamb.

Last week I talked about sitting and listening to God and the importance of getting to know Him through conversation. Two days after posting that blog Ruple and I sat on the front porch and had a conversation about one of God’s greatest gifts: Silence. I believe that in the depths of His silence we find reason. We discover the things worth fighting for, passion, and true love. I’m sure some of you are with me on this. For months I’ve been praying for an answer. I’ve given God ultimatums, with no response. I get angry… why? Because I know — Read More —

Abe Couldn’t Be This Honest

To some this is a reminder. To others you might be hearing this for the first time. This blog all started when I was reading in Genesis this week. About halfway through the journey of Abraham I had a realization. I’ve always picture this guy as Abe Lincoln. How weird am I? Seriously, can you imagine Abe Lincoln carrying his son up the mountain… I can. Before you throw stones, I had these responses on facebook: “I used to get Pinocchio confused with Jonah and the Whale” or “I always pictured Moses as Charlton Heston” This got me thinking… Who — Read More —

Modern Family and Jesus… Really?

This week we made a trip to Nairobi to pick up Cristianna and Courtney at the airport. During our time there we ran into a World Race team who just began their journey around the world. It was an awesome experience to sit and listen to their highs, lows, fears, and “God did stories” already at two weeks into the race. This afternoon Ruple and I were just processing our time with them and our lives since the race. I made the comment “it was the hardest, yet by far the best year of my life…” but I immediately knew — Read More —

A Day In The Camp

I wanted to write about what our day looks like… This morning Kelli, Matt, and I hiked down to the camps. It’s about 5 miles or a 2 hour hike down the mountain. However, it was our lucky day. Once we got out of the woods and onto the old mud road, we saw several Kenyan workers loading into a flat bed truck about to head down the mountain. I whistled up and they stopped the truck and waved for us to jump on. Standing in the bed of a truck with the wind in your face riding down into — Read More —

Water is Life.

Jambo! Habari Gani? (Hello! How are you?) So, I told you I’d tell you more about the team from Georgia. So, let’s go. Almost two weeks ago we got wind of a team from Georgia that was spending time at a school about a mile from where we are staying. The reason being, they were or had drilled a well. We KNEW we had to check it out. So we found out when they’d be back and we stalked them. I admit it. Turns out this team had spent the last 3 years (traveling back and forth from the states) — Read More —