I had the privilege to make a new friend this past week. Meet Jeremiah. He’s on the left, this pic is about 20 plus years old. Jeremiah and I are a lot a like. He’s 28, loves music, skinny, one of three siblings, and loves Jesus. We’re a lot different too. Both of Jeremiah’s parents died when he was 9 years old, three months apart by an unknown illness. He was left to fend for himself and his younger siblings. He moved in with a grandmother that was financially unstable and couldn’t afford to put any of them through school. — Read More —

A Face is Worth a Million Stories.

Every night as I get ready for bed in the bathroom (yep, we have a bathroom… indoors too) I always catch myself flossing right up next to the mirror. Like my face might as well be pressed against it. I guess I like seeing all the stuff I fish out of there. It’s amazing sometimes. Tonight was different though. I got caught in a daze staring into the mirror. I realized I was looking at a story. My story. I was looking into a row of fake teeth, and lazy eye. All due to broken bones, a reminder of a — Read More —

You Feed Them

Monday was like any other day in the camp. I drove up and before I could turn the engine off I had kids banging on the side of the car. Kids were coming from all over the place… It sucked. School started last week… and that meant the 26 kids that were running around Camp Vision had found another hole to fall in. Their education has been put on the back burner to food. Some kids parents had saved up money for tuition but were sent home due to lack of decent shoes or the uniforms. The price of education — Read More —

Impossible? I’m-possible.

Hello my name is Matt and I am underestimated. The truth is, I am powerful beyond imagination. I have the authority and the power to speak life into existence, to make mountains move, to make the lame walk, to pull dead folks out of the ground and to breathe life back into their dusty old bones. All Hell breaks loose when I walk into a room because the Kingdom is coming with me with a declaration of freedom. I am empowered by the Holy Spirit, and the blood of Christ runs through my veins. But I am underestimated… I underestimate — Read More —