Dear Grandpa.

Dear Grandpa. I can’t believe it’s been almost three years since you left. So much has happened. You know that old trail we used to hike and you would tell me stories and we carved our names in that big tree… well houses have come in and taken it over. It’s a shame that those little boys and their Grandpas won’t have the same memories we did. Guess they were for just us. After you left I got to thinkin’ about you and all the stories you had told me over the years. They’ve inspired me to make all kinds — Read More —

The Most Important Blog I’ve Posted.

I received this email from a friend of mine. Please read this, and share it. Most of you know of our involvement in Haiti and our desire to adopt two children from an orphanage there.  Over the past year of working with the orphanage we, along with several other organizations and church groups, have seen more and more disturbing things.  It started by realizing that after months of the orphanage receiving food and supplies, the conditions continued to get worse, the kids were still naked and continued to play in filth and excrement, they still ran out of food, and — Read More —

3 Legged Races and Jesus

Kelli just told me “I was awesome at the 3-Legged-Race…” How is that possible? I asked her “what if it was your partner who was awesome?” and I think it hurt her feelings…. but anyways. Remember Field Day in elementary school? Just sit on that for a while. I have a point, but man Field Days were fun, and you usually got a t-shirt. It was always like class against class and no matter who won, EVERYONE fell down, and it was the domino effect. I made sure never to be behind Trey, he was bigger than my dad. One — Read More —