The Hurler Update

If any of you have rode The Hurler roller coaster, you know what I mean. It’s old, it’s wooden, and is the most jerky ride on the planet. Within 15 seconds of it, you are ready to be finished… The Hurler Update: I normally like waiting to update you on progress here at least a couple weeks if not a month a part, but due to the extra prayers that were thrown up, I wanted to go ahead and let everyone know what was going on in this roller coaster of a week. Last Saturday, we held a celebration luncheon — Read More —

Breaking News.

                  Good morning America! It’s time for the news… Coming up we will talk about the local flu outbreak at your child’s school, followed by the shooting at the grocery store that you visit twice a week, be sure not to miss the Islamic terrorist group that is threatening all public transit, malls, and government buildings, then when that’s over we’ll talk about how your spouses job is in danger and the house you recently purchased is worthless but it’s okay, chances are you’ll lose it anyway… Okay, calm down. Take your — Read More —

We Landed On The Moon!

So much is going on here and I’ve realized that I’ve fallen behind. So here is the ultimate update on my life and the camp: Update on me: I feel like I talk about family a lot… I’m a verbal processor and that is definitely what I love the most about my life. It makes it quite hard sometimes to be halfway across the world to have the thing you love most so far away. I miss birthdays, my nephew’s first day of school, the other nephew’s soccer games, and my beautiful little niece who’s … well, about to start — Read More —