I Always Thought “Guten Tag” Meant Merry Christmas…

I’m home! This picture is of me and my nephews Elijah and Matt. I was able to successfully surprise my parents by showing up at midnight a few days earlier than they expected. Being home has been great despite spending most of the time sleeping and getting over bronchitis. The only issues I’ve faced is driving halfway to the doctors office on the wrong side of the road… just glad I was on back roads. My main purpose behind this blog is to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I hope your time with family and friends is blessed and full — Read More —

Broken Bones and Gambling.

It’s Wednesday morning about 7:30 and I’m just reflecting on what the past week has looked like. Sometimes, in the midst of it all I have to look from the outside, into this life God has me living. It humbles me, makes me thankful, and requires me to enjoy the journey. As most of you know, we are working on employment. By the time we head home mid December we’ll have successfully started four businesses. Praise God. I hope you just said “Amen”. It’s the Kenyan way. I wanted to let you in on how those are going…     — Read More —