I’m Not Called to be a Missionary

I’m not called to establish businesses in poverty stricken countries. I’m not called to provide clean water to the thirsty and malnourished. I’m not even called to be a missionary. In fact the more I try to tell myself that this is my calling the more I worry if I can actually fulfill it. The more I desire to change the world physically or even spiritually the more frustrated I get.  I’m just not called to be a missionary.  The past two weeks I have spent a lot of alone time with the Father. He’s spent most of it taking — Read More —

Rededicate, or it could be Hell.

Have you or anyone you know “rededicated their life” to the Lord? You know, got “saved”… again. If you’ve ever lived in the south and been to an old revival, a baptist church, or even a Christian conference you know exactly what I’m talking about. You might even know a few people who have worn a trail in the church carpet making their way to the alter every week. What is their deal? It’s one of those things I never really understood. I guess I was or am a once saved always saved kinda guy so what’s the point? (I — Read More —