Kenya Update: Enjoy the Journey

We’re going on two weeks being back! A little update on what is going on in Kenya for all of you KI supporters out there.  Peter Kiranja: Upon our arrival Peter (started the rock quarry) greeted us with big hugs and immediately started in on business. He let me in on his new position in the community as “Education Assistance Chairman” and how busy he has been trying to get kids in school. He has organized a “Harambe” for March 17 in attempt to raise school fees for 60+ high school aged students. A Harambe is like a fundraiser where — Read More —

The World is Waiting on You

    My last post I spoke about legacy and what I want to leave behind. You can read it here. So how do I do that? How do I leave that legacy? How do I be Jesus? The first step to leaving a legacy is knowing what you are called to. Beyond being called to Him we are called to be on a mission. This past week our team spoke to a class of sixth graders at a missionary school here in Kenya. One of the major questions they wanted to know was “What can we do?” Isn’t that — Read More —

They Won’t Even Know That You’re Gone

I’ve really been thinking about my legacy lately. I firmly believe the time to think about my legacy isn’t when I’m 112 and on my deathbed wondering “What did I do?” or “What did I leave?”. Because I believe that’s not my death. The truth is, Jesus called me to die today, yesterday, and tomorrow. My legacy is now. I’m an eternal being and heaven isn’t waiting. It’s here. So what’s my legacy? What do I have to give? What am I leaving behind? This morning I sat in a team meeting with a friend and mentor that is truly — Read More —