Jesus Juice.

Jesus Juice. Given the chance to rename the newest venture, that’s what I’d call it. It’s what it’s about, Jesus and Juice. Let me explain. This week I joined a friend of mine, Murathimi in starting Kijabe’s only juice shop, East Africa Juice Company. The Lord had given both of us the idea of juice over the past few months and though we were friends we never had talked about it, until about 2 weeks ago. Because we had already been planning and waiting on the right time, it started fast. William had already rented the space, I had a — Read More —

What if…

“Sometimes you have to watch somebody love something before you can love it yourself…” – Blue Like Jazz What if we really grasped how awesome, how powerful, how deep God’s love is for us? I have been thinking a lot about God’s love lately. He has been drawing me deeper into it, deeper into Himself. And I have been asking myself this question, or maybe God has been asking me: What if you really and truly believed my love and received my love and lived in it the way I intend for you to? Answer: It could change everything and — Read More —

Get in the Game! It’s Football Season!

As football season has started back, everyone is ready to tailgate and have backyard cookouts and pull for their favorite team. Some have bought season tickets, or at least have their eye on catching a few games live, especially that rivalry game come the end of the season. Can you imagine having cookouts or tailgating in a field, wearing all your team’s colors, but never actually going into the game or not even watching it on your television? Week to week you celebrate how good your team is, you know the fight song but you never get to see any — Read More —

Dependency. It’s not just living in your parents basement.

The past few days the Lord has been growing my dependency on Him. There are parts of growth that can hurt a bit. In the church we call it “brokenness”.  It’s a different place to be because it leaves a lot of things unknown. A few days ago it left me on the floor in tears telling God, “I can’t do this anymore, I can’t do it on my own…” It left me in need of miracles. When I went on the 11 month 11 country trek around the world doing ministry in third world countries I thought I had — Read More —

“He’s Still There.”

Today, it all came crashing down. I don’ t know exactly why today, or why it waited a year and 2 months down the road to happen. But, I broke. Full out on my knees weeping. My last words happened to be “Don’t worry guys, you aren’t going to see my cry.” Kenyans get super awkward with showing or witnessing emotion, especially sadness. As they all gazed into the air in the opposite direction, the floodgates opened. Thankfully, Sylvia started to pray and it gave them an excuse to close their eyes. What had happened? Today was a great day. — Read More —

Upside Down Kingdom.

I love hearing the teachings of Jesus through John Mark Comer out of Portland via podcast.  I took this from his sermon series “Salt + Light – The God who comes down the ladder”. What Jesus might sound like in 2012, from Matthew 5. “Blessed are the 3 billion people who live on less than $2 a day, for they are the future of the world. Blessed are the millions of people dying from HIV/AIDS for they will experience proximity to God like no one else. Blessed are the sick,the suffering, the chemo patients with no hair for they will — Read More —