61project: We’re Back!

Alright guys, I am trying to get back into the swing of things here in Kenya so here is my first blog update.

Hopefully you were able to read Jason’s update on our day to day life.

As for me, life back in Kenya has been extremely busy with a super optimistic future ahead specifically with our Isaiah Class (14-18 year olds).

Our old Isaiah Class kids are back in school (Shout out to all of the sponsors! Thank you!) and are happier than ever. I can’t explain the difference in these kids from the first day they stuck their head into our office. Most of them came in heads down while others were in tears and had barely anything to say or talk about. Here we are now a few months later and we just took our last four girls to school heads held high and all smiles. Educationally they have been equipped to compete in their classes, emotionally they’re confident, and Spiritually they know who they are – and more importantly who God is.

The new kids are AMAZING. To be honest, I wasn’t sure I wanted a new class. How could they ever live up to the last one? The thing is, I know these kids aren’t competing because I’ve seen it. They are TOGETHER and climbing onto the shoulders of the last group so they can go even farther.

The old Isaiah Class is helping transition in new kids by helping with their classes, and pouring into them through worship and discipleship. I love how they willingly come back to be a part of what transformed them. God is awesome.

Now, where we are going.

As we continue to grow we are looking to add staff and beef up our schedule.

1. We want to add three new staff to our two current staff.
2. We have been approved by the public school to start a “61project Discipleship Club” that is a part of students schedules. This is awesome news that will give us a set day and hours time each week to meet with our current youth plus reach out to new ones.
3. We are revamping our curriculum to do even more outreach and evangelism with our kids.
4. We are hosting multiple teams this summer some of which are 40-100 people in order to do more outreach and evangelism.

Does that sound good?

Praise God with us today by thanking Him for what He’s done and what He’s DOING. Ask Him how you can be a part of this.

One of our biggest needs right now are sponsors for our staff. As you can see, we NEED MORE PEOPLE. $200/month each will pay all of their bills and allow them to save some as well for their own dreams and projects. They are doing an amazing job and are giving up so much to lead these kids. We need people like YOU to get behind them!

Can you pray about that?


Mike, Simon, Daniel, and Benard after school at the 61project.


Phaeline after her first day of school








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4 thoughts on “61project: We’re Back!

  1. Matt: Thanks for the update. It is exciting how God is using you.

    What has happened to the rest of the team with whom you went to Kenya? Are they still at the IDP camp?

    God bless you and your work!!

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