Bicycle Jesus.

I’m trying to figure this whole parenting thing out…

Some days it’s so easy I forget that God has put me in this role, while other days I’m like what the heck is happening. My boys are good – too good, sometimes. They teach me lessons and God uses them all the time to show me stuff.

Yesterday, I had to go to town… for you country folks, you know what town is. For the rest of you, it’s the slightly bigger town about 30 minutes away that has stuff besides the bare necessities.

Sometimes, I just like to walk around town looking at different things and eating food that we don’t have here. As I was walking around I found myself searching for bicycles, comparing prices and seeing which one was better, “Made in India” or “Made in China”.

Some had baskets or rear carriers. There were red ones and blue ones. Some had pegs or mud fenders. I caught myself getting excited trying to figure out which one the boys would like and completely forgetting the price tag because I just wanted them to be happy.

I realized I was more excited about them getting a bicycle than they were, even though they ask about it everyday.

Then two things hit me.

1. It wasn’t time for them to have a bicycle yet.
– They’re still learning responsibility and how to take care of their things.
– Also, we made some goals for school that we’re waiting to see them reach.

2. This is how God feels about me.
– There are so many things that I desire… and in reality God desires many of those things for me too!
– God has His timing with me just like I have timing with the boys. They may think I am holding back or don’t want to make them happy, but in fact it’s just the opposite. It’s harder for me to hold back!

God has bigger than life plans for you and me. Trust Him. He’s not holding out on you, He’s planning the perfect time. There are things that he’s preparing you for now. You’re being equipped to receive His blessings.

* The above picture are rental bikes… I didn’t give in!


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7 thoughts on “Bicycle Jesus.

  1. So proud of you Matt! I can’t imagine many ways of better showing Gods love to others than as a loving, Christian parent. I know God will continue to bless you for being there for those boys and the countless others you have helped in some way. Praying for you and your Kenyan family!

  2. Awesome story and super encouraging for my current walk. It was like God clicked some light bulbs with your words. I’m moving to Nairobi on March 3rd, so hopefully I can come visit the place. Seth has told me some great stories.

  3. Hey Matt…I haven’t been on this email in a long time, as you can see. What is this parenting thing? And I am proud of you for the inspired lessons in this post. 🙂 Praying for you.

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