The Stay at Home Mom

You’ve probably heard the old African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child…”  This proverb is very close to my heart in so many ways. In Kenya so many of us are working together to raise and impact the lives of 50+ kids on a daily basis. But it probably doesn’t look like what you think it does…

I kinda love that so many people are confused on who or what we are/do. They can’t put their finger on it 🙂 Some would say that’s not a good thing, while I on the other hand think it’s a wonderful thing. Are we a children’s home – absolutely not. Do we care for kids, provide shelter, warm meals, and love – yes. What about a school? Well, we do provide education and after school programs that include tutoring in all subjects, but no, we aren’t a school. We partner with top local schools and send our children there.

Are you a church or bible training institution? Well we like to say we are THE church and we do offer Bible “training” but it looks more like worship, community service, and relationship building than tests and class time – although there are multiple classes offered each week.

But you’re a missionary, so you just go around preaching the gospel, right? Actually more of my days look like grocery shopping, paying school fees, parent teacher conferences, resolving conflict, hospital and doctor visits, fixing things like the car or broken water pipes, and the list goes on and on.

Maybe I’m closer to a stay at home mom than your typical idea of a missionary.

*The moms are currently sympathizing with me while the single dudes are probably wondering why they would support someone who doesn’t do anything…

But the truth is I’m not alone at all. I have a wonderful team around me that makes our ministry happen on a day to day basis. They’re more than my “village” – they’re my family.

So when you support our ministry know that the little it takes to support this ministry is empowering ten “stay at home moms” to love, care for, and raise 50+ children on a daily basis.


And also know, that YOU are a part of our village and we need you to help raise these children. Every cent that comes in makes an impact on us! Would you consider becoming a monthly supporter of this ministry?

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