One Hundred and Ten Thousand

That’s the number of orphaned children in southwest Kenya. Yes, 110,000.

Recently, I was asked if I legitimately bought into the Oasis vision of rescuing and developing 110,000 kids. I mean I have to admit it’s a pretty lofty goal, right? If you think too long about one hundred and ten thousand kids and what all goes into rescuing and developing a single child you can get a bit overwhelmed.

But that’s just it. You can’t focus on the 110,000.

I said “Well, yeah. I believe in it, or I wouldn’t be here.”

“But it’s a lot” He said

“Yeah, well it’s not the 110,000 I’m worried about. It’s the 39 I have now. If I can just love and care for these 39 giving them the best opportunity to succeed in life then the rest will work itself out. See, three years ago I had three. Three quickly turned into seven. Seven to thirty-nine.”

Who knows what the future holds but my guess is somewhere around 110,000.

I never thought I could love three crazy boys, but God showed me how. I sure as heck never thought I’d be able to love four more kids the same, but God showed up again.

Will you join me in loving these 39 kids so we can see what happens?


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