A very popular African Proverb says “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. ”

fullsizeoutput_5beGoing together is never fast, rarely convenient, and sometimes it’s not even fun.  But it’s necessary.

Oasis for Orphans has a vision of rescuing 110,000 orphaned and vulnerable children. It’s a huge vision that likely won’t happen in my lifetime. But it will happen… if we do this together.

At The Valley, we are quite busy rescuing children by providing shelter, food, clothes, and an education.

What we often don’t talk about is how none of this is possible without family. The one thing orphaned children need most is to be welcomed into a warm loving environment. They need to know they matter. You can’t do that with employees. You do that with family. We know we can’t replace what a “normal” family environment looks like, but with the right people we can provide lots of love, attention, and care.

We spend a lot of time finding the right people.

If you follow my or Oasis for Orphans‘ instagram, you see tons of beautiful faces and the big smiles of our kids. What you probably don’t see too often are house parents, kitchen staff, teachers, or security guards.

These people rarely get recognition, but without them this wouldn’t be possible.

At The Valley, our family laughs, we yell, we play, we get frustrated… but if you’re here, you’re called. You’re called to orphans. You’re called to Oasis. You’re called to cooking ugali and smelly tiny fish. You’re called to do this together.

This is a shout out to all of The Valley staff. I love you. I pray for you. I am honored to do this thing with you. Here’s to the 110,000 kids that don’t how much they’re loved, yet. I can’t imagine spending my days working toward anything greater.

We are a passionate bunch. Pray for us. If we don’t die caring for orphans, it’ll be through a competitive game of volleyball. 🙂


For more information on Oasis for Orphans go here.

To join us in our quest to rescue and develop orphaned and vulnerable children go here.

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