A Lesson From a Child

I used to be a child who learned from adults. Now, as an adult and I find myself learning from children. Most recently I learned a little bit about giving. Wait! Stop! Don’t exit out! This isn’t a fundraiser that’s going to attempt to convince you into giving to 61, your church, or anything else – that’s not what this is about (that blog will be out next week). Twice a year we do vacations. We started this to keep our team sane and to get away from our 24/7 outpouring in order to get some rest. Now, it’s a little of — Read More —

My Davion(s).

*If you haven’t read the article on Davion, then you need to read it before you read this. Read it here. My heart breaks for the church. It crumbles when I read articles like the one on Davion. I can just feel the Father’s heart break. As you read the article, you hear a boy cry out for a mother and father, someone to love him – anyone. He heard the church would be a good place to go, but it didn’t work out. As the church we can’t look at this particular group (church body) and have any kind — Read More —

The Week That Shook Kenya

This week actually started about eight months ago as I was helping a friend of mine deliver Bibles and devotionals to a friend of his at the hospital in Kijabe. I had no idea that I was about to meet the craziest Woman of God I’ve ever met. Mercy Ng’ang’a has been serving the patients at Bethany Kids Hospital in Kijabe for over 8  years. In her time there she has made over 400 disciples that she keeps in touch with through regular phone calls and she holds 5 conferences a year to meet with and teach them. Last year — Read More —

I am Afraid.

It’s true. I’m afraid. I’m afraid of a lot of things really, such as spiders and the dark. But that’s not what bothers me. What I’m really afraid of is turning 30 years old. It’s not the age that gets me but the idea that I’m running out of time. It’s somewhat of a wake up call. Let’s face it, I’ve given up the idea or dream of owning my own house and a nice truck so that’s not it. It’s not even the fact that I’m still single… It’s so much more than that. It’s knowing that God has — Read More —

I Had to Laugh…

About a month ago, we had about 45 Americans visiting with us to do ministry. It was a mixture of twenty-somethings along with their parents. It was such an amazing week seeing God move as two cultures crossed and God’s family was united. Our outreach teams built a house for a single mother who’s 50 year old plus mud hut had caved in. They saw new believers step into the Kingdom and people miraculously healed of emotional and physical pains and illnesses. As all this went on, I found myself caught in between the two cultures, both which I valued, — Read More —

The Reminder

The past few weeks have been wild… well, let me rephrase that. The past several months have been insane. The past few months have been full of transition. Physically, I’ve traveled to and from the U.S. where I was all over the place raising support, sleeping on couches and floors, and speaking at different churches every week. Upon getting back to Kenya I found a new place to live and switched homes. Emotionally/physically our team has changed. I parted ways with my best friend and his awesome wife as they were led back to the states to continue their journey — Read More —

61project: We’re Back!

Alright guys, I am trying to get back into the swing of things here in Kenya so here is my first blog update. Hopefully you were able to read Jason’s update on our day to day life. As for me, life back in Kenya has been extremely busy with a super optimistic future ahead specifically with our Isaiah Class (14-18 year olds). Our old Isaiah Class kids are back in school (Shout out to all of the sponsors! Thank you!) and are happier than ever. I can’t explain the difference in these kids from the first day they stuck their — Read More —

Jesus Juice.

Jesus Juice. Given the chance to rename the newest venture, that’s what I’d call it. It’s what it’s about, Jesus and Juice. Let me explain. This week I joined a friend of mine, Murathimi in starting Kijabe’s only juice shop, East Africa Juice Company. The Lord had given both of us the idea of juice over the past few months and though we were friends we never had talked about it, until about 2 weeks ago. Because we had already been planning and waiting on the right time, it started fast. William had already rented the space, I had a — Read More —

Dependency. It’s not just living in your parents basement.

The past few days the Lord has been growing my dependency on Him. There are parts of growth that can hurt a bit. In the church we call it “brokenness”.  It’s a different place to be because it leaves a lot of things unknown. A few days ago it left me on the floor in tears telling God, “I can’t do this anymore, I can’t do it on my own…” It left me in need of miracles. When I went on the 11 month 11 country trek around the world doing ministry in third world countries I thought I had — Read More —

“He’s Still There.”

Today, it all came crashing down. I don’ t know exactly why today, or why it waited a year and 2 months down the road to happen. But, I broke. Full out on my knees weeping. My last words happened to be “Don’t worry guys, you aren’t going to see my cry.” Kenyans get super awkward with showing or witnessing emotion, especially sadness. As they all gazed into the air in the opposite direction, the floodgates opened. Thankfully, Sylvia started to pray and it gave them an excuse to close their eyes. What had happened? Today was a great day. — Read More —